A ship fitter is a marine occupational classification used both by naval activities and among ship builders; however, the term applies mostly to certain workers at commercial and naval shipyards during the construction or repair phase of a ship.A ship fitter is an enlisted or civilian person who works on heavy metal like high-tensile steel, high yield strength steel, etc. Ship fitters fabricate, assemble and erect all structural parts of a ship, coordinate all fixed tank work performed on submarines and ships, and coordinate all sonar dome work. Ship fitters also use heavy machinery such as plate planners, shears, punches, drill presses, bending rolls, bending slabs, plate beveled, saws, presses up to 750 tons, angle roll (vertical and horizontal), dogs and wedges. Ship fitters are responsible for hydro and air testing of tanks and compartments as well as perform grinding, drilling, and fit up operations on submarines and surface crafts.

With more than 7,000 km of coast line and more than 300 shipping companies and with very large cargo carrying capacity of different types of cargo from dry to gas carriers. India has a prominent presence in the world wide shipping trade. India’s role in the surface transport industry dates back to the Dravidian civilization. Indian shipping industry and marine crew are recognized world wide for their efficiency and accuracy in handling ships. There is going to be high demand for Indian crew in future with the recovery and growth of world economy. Some estimates show that the demand is bout 40,000 in near future. Students after their school education can prepare themselves by undergoing Marine related courses to be a part of shipping industry.

Apart from these people will find placements abroad, mainly in gulf countries. Since there are very demanding areas for the students who join Mechanical Fitter Course such as welding, lathe works, carpentry etc. Job prospects for those undergoing Marine Mechanical Fitter courses are amazing.

One can observe the qualification and get the opportunity in abroad. Gulf countries like Saudi Arabia searching the professional and pay good package. After getting the offer letter from the employer documents undergo the attestation/legalization from the government offices.

If bothered about the attestation/legalization there is a solution go to Genius Attestation Services  an ISO 9001:2008 certified firm in the relevant field. Genius provide facility of attestation/legalization. It could be Embassy attestation,Ministry of Foreign Affairs, HRD,Notary.  

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